Tummy tucks are a popular body sculpting surgery but, in general, they only address your abdomen. Advances in plastic surgery have made way for more all-encompassing versions of the tummy tuck. At Deigni Plastic Surgery, we offer extended high lateral tension tummy tucks in Houston which can address both your abdomen and your flanks, and even extending into the back. Learn more to determine if this procedure makes sense for you.

What is an Extended Tummy Tuck?

An extended lateral tummy tuck in Houston aims to remove some of the excess loose skin and fat that extends near your love handles (just above your hips). This is outside of the typical boundaries for a traditional tummy tuck. Some patients will have the loose skin and the pannus, which is the belly fat that sags down over the waist, but then that loose skin might extend all the way into the love handles and into the back area. When that occurs, we can perform an extended tummy tuck in order to remove those excess tissues that extends to the back.

In this procedure, we proceed with the exact process as we do for a tummy tuck but then extend our incisions further back on the body. We will work towards the flanks in the love handle area and remove some of the excess fat and skin that has built up there.

Reasons to Prefer an Extended Tummy Tuck Over a Traditional Tuck

The decision to perform an extended high lateral tension tummy tuck over a traditional one is guided by the amount of loose skin and the excess fat that the patient has around the love handles and back. If you are bothered by the skin and fat buildup in that area, then you might decide that an extended tummy tuck is worth it. If you feel like those areas are not too much of a concern, then you may choose to go with the traditional tummy tuck. Plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, so your goals are extremely important to us.

When you are unsure of which type is necessary, we can conduct a physical examination during your consult, and discuss the procedures and potential results of both types of abdominoplasty.

Recovery Timeline

The recovery for an extended tummy tuck in Houston is similar to that of the traditional tummy tuck. Patients are typically weaned off their medications within five to seven days after surgery and should be walking straight during that same period of time. The swelling that naturally occurs will improve over the course of several weeks. Dr. Deigni has his patients begin light aerobic exercise at two or three weeks, and then full exercise by six to eight weeks.

Because Dr. Deigni specializes in drainless tummy tucks, you will not have to worry about managing uncomfortable drains during your initial days of recovery.

Ask About Getting an Extended High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck in Houston

Many people who are dissatisfied with the amount of fat on their belly may also want to address their sides or “love handles.” We can do so with an extended high lateral tension tummy tuck in Houston. Reach out to us at 281-721-4373 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Deigni to discuss the possibilities.

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