If you are considering breast surgery in Houston, there are many different options available that specifically target breast shape, size, and projection.

Routine procedures include breast lift, augmentation, and reduction surgery. In some cases, patients choose to combine breast surgeries to maximize their cosmetic benefits and enjoy longer-lasting enhancements.

However, some breast surgery procedures have limitations concerning specific cosmetic goals. Therefore, call Deigni Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation with a talented board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your ideal cosmetic changes, possible limitations, and the best procedure choice for your needs.

Surgery Options to Enhance the Breasts

Patients in Houston have several procedures to choose from when considering specific cosmetic changes and may decide to combine some breast surgery operations.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most common procedures, breast augmentation, increases breast size with silicone implants, saline implants, or body fat transfers. Many patients combine breast augmentation with a lift procedure to make additional cosmetic enhancements, especially if receiving heavier, more prominent implants. However, a patient’s natural breast size, chest wall width, and other body proportions may limit breast implant size and projection options.

Breast Lift

The best surgery for reducing moderate to significant breast sagging is a breast lift, which removes excess, stretched skin to raise the breasts’ position on the chest. In addition, the operation reshapes a patient’s natural tissue to restore rounder breast contours, though this could result in a smaller bra size after surgery for some patients. In addition, a breast lift operation could reshape and reduce the size of stretched areolas before repositioning them in a natural-looking placement on the breast.

Breast Reduction

Many women turn to breast reduction surgery for reducing more prominent breasts, whether for cosmetic reasons or to relieve associated pain from the additional weight. The procedure surgically removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat before reshaping and lifting the remaining tissue. In addition, the operation repositions the nipples into an appropriate position on the breasts.

What are the Benefits of Undergoing Breast Surgery?

For most breast surgery patients in Houston, the cosmetic benefits of the procedures are a driving motivation for undergoing surgery. Breast augmentation and lift results could enhance breast size and shape for several years to decades afterward. Furthermore, reduction surgery typically relieves significant back, neck, and shoulder pain that disrupts a patient’s daily physical functioning and abilities.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, breast surgery often has several psychological benefits for patients. For instance, most breast surgery patients report noteworthy improvements in their body image and self-confidence due to surgical enhancements. Moreover, due to better self-esteem after surgery, patients have fewer symptoms of depression and improvements in sexual well-being.

Learn More About Breast Surgery in Houston from Deigni Plastic Surgery

Your breasts could undergo significant visible changes due to weight fluctuations, aging, and pregnancy, resulting in a decrease in your self-confidence. Instead of being unhappy with how your breasts look, consider the various procedure options for breast surgery in Houston and their unique cosmetic benefits.

Whether you are interested in changing your breast, shape, size, projection, or other features, the first step is getting in touch to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon about your surgical goals and medical history. Call Deigni Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals in detail.

If you have questions about breast surgery or want to begin your journey, do not hesitate to call us at 281-721-4373 and ask about a medical assessment to discuss your options.

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