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Deigni Plastic Surgery specializes in giving people the face and body that they’ve always wanted. Texans in the Houston area choose Dr. Deigni, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, for their cosmetic surgery.

Deigni Plastic Surgery of Houston is the choice of men and women looking to be their best. Texans demand excellence in all they do. It’s obvious from the popularity of Deigni Plastic Surgery that they’ve found that important quality in Dr. Olivier Deigni.

Dr. Deigni and his staff look forward to meeting with you and discussing the body transformation that you want to achieve. Working together, you can discover the treatment that will help you to finally achieve your goals.

Perhaps, you’re considering a Mommy Makeover to regain the shape you had before the kids. You may be thinking about a little liposuction to complement your fitness program and help remove specific and troublesome areas of fat. Or, maybe you’ve always been a little self-conscious about the size or shape of your breasts and have always wanted a breast augmentation.

Deigni Plastic Surgery performs many procedures for both men and women including facelifts, the removal of excess breast tissue in men, and the Brazilian butt lift for women. Whatever body issue you want to tackle, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni and his staff have the experience to give you the look you’ve long desired.

Why Choose Us

With a background in Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Deigni knows the importance of precision when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery. His skills are honed among the stars. It takes an eye for the aesthetic, with precise planning to deliver beautiful results.

Our staff consists of highly motivated and devoted individuals who are passionate about delivering excellent and personalized care to each patient. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your needs and desires, while enjoying the process of achieving your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Deigni’s patient coordinator will be your primary point of contact and will guide you throughout your entire journey. You will discuss your specific aesthetic goals with Dr. Deigni who will formulate a treatment plan for precisely the results you love. With precision, professionalism and passion intermixed, you will discover the look you will love for a lifetime.

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Dr. Deigni and staff are hands down, the best. The whole process of my breast augmentation was so smooth. There is nothing better than a doctor who cares about you, informs you of risks, and makes you feel absolutely safe the day of surgery. Extremely happy with my results, and just how natural they look!!
I was searching for the right doctor for a long time before I met Dr. Deigni. I called his office and spoke with his surgical coordinator RickiLynn Gardner and I was so impressed with how she thoroughly explained and coordinated everything. Dr. Deigni himself is very caring, professional, and meticulous. I am so happy with my results and recommend him wholeheartedly. His office is absolutely beautiful and all his staff are so kind and provide top quality care.
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