Your breasts could change in shape, size, and volume due to genetics, aging, weight changes, pregnancy, and more. Although this is a common experience, it could result in increasing discontent with your breasts’ appearance and negatively impact your self-confidence. Instead of being unhappy with how your breasts look and affect your appearance, consider getting long-term cosmetic enhancements through breast augmentation in Houston.

The operation offers several choices for increasing your breast size and shape, depending on your cosmetic goals for breast surgery. Ask Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deigni during a consultation about the details of the procedure, recovery process, and broad spectrum of possible enhancements.
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What to Consider Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation procedures in Houston offer surgery with breast implants or body fat transfers as a means to enhance the breasts. Fat transfers are the routine choice if a patient does not want any foreign device inside her body. However, for this approach, excess body fat from the hips, thighs, and abdomen undergoes extraction with liposuction and reinjection into the breasts to increase their size, so it may not be suitable for some patients.

In most cases, breast enlargement surgery uses saline or silicone implants to enhance breast size with various shapes, sizes, and projection degrees. More specifically, when choosing implants, patients must consider an implant’s material as saline is easily adjustable, but silicone mimics natural breast tissue. In addition, patients must contemplate an implant’s profile, which ranges from low to ultra-high, when deciding on their ideal breast projection from the chest wall.

Importantly, a patient’s natural breast size and chest wall width may limit the possible implant choices to ensure final results look proportional and natural. For instance, women with smaller chest walls or breast sizes may not be suitable candidates for low-projection or larger-sized implants as their bases’ width may be too large. Alternatively, women with more prominent natural breast sizes are better candidates for large breast implants to ensure visible and proportional enhancements.
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Why Might Women Undergo Breast Augmentation?

Women in Houston undergo breast augmentation surgery for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from medical concerns to cosmetic improvements. Often, patients turn to breast enlargement surgery when they consider their breasts small and disproportionate to their overall figure. Additionally, many patients have the procedure to restore their breast contours after significant physical changes result in visible sagging and deflation.

In addition, breast augmentation surgery could correct minor to severe degrees of breast asymmetry by inserting implants of different sizes into each breast. However, to qualify for surgery, a patient’s breasts must be fully developed, which could take up through their early twenties. Further, pregnancy and weight changes after surgery could alter the appearance of implants, so it is best to have augmentation once you are done having children and can maintain a stable weight.

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures due to its often considerable and long-lasting enhancements to breast size, shape, and volume. Further, since the surgery could take various approaches for different results, patients could individualize their procedure to achieve their specific goals.

Our team takes a comprehensive look at your medical history, natural breast tissue, and implant options to determine the best approach to your breast augmentation in Houston. Call to schedule a consultation with a licensed, board-certified, trained plastic surgeon with Deigni Plastic Surgery.

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