Even when you are healthy and looking forward to the surgery that will give you the shape you desire, recovering from a procedure can be tiring. Preparation for breast augmentation in Houston is just as important as the procedure itself.

Starting with your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni, strong preparation means you will go into your breast augmentation surgery confident and will return to a home that will allow you proper rest and recovery.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation typically lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, Dr. Deigni asks his patients what they like and do not like about their breasts, their aesthetic goals, and expectations. It is important to discuss any previous surgeries, and any plans to have children and breastfeed after the surgery, as well as current or past medical problems, and any personal or family history of breast cancer.

If available, it is helpful to bring the most recent mammogram reports, especially when undergoing or considering a breast reduction or breast lift. Pictures are usually taken at the second visit during the preoperative phase and planning.

Preparation for breast augmentation surgery includes obtaining routine lab testing and quitting smoking, if applicable. Dr. Deigni will answer all questions honestly, so patients are mentally comfortable going into their procedure.

Implant Types and Placement

Dr. Deigni works with his patients to select the best type of implant for their needs. The majority select smooth, round silicone gel implants for their breast augmentation procedures, because this type of breast implant feels most natural when placed inside the body. Textured implants have been found to be associated with late onset seroma and the possibility of breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a type of cancer, which is why Dr. Deigni does not use them.

The incision is usually placed at the inframammary fold, which is below the breast, and placement of the breast implant is usually underneath the muscle. Depending on the patient’s preference, as well as the amount of existing breast tissue, the implant can sometimes be placed above the muscle, especially if the patient exercises often.

Procedure and Recovery

Breast implant surgery usually takes about an hour and is performed at our outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia. Most patients, if not all, will return home the same day.

For patients who desire more upper volume and better positioning of the nipples and breast tissue, multiple breast procedures can be performed at once. Typically, a breast augmentation with implants can be combined with the breast lift and some fat transfer. Aesthetic goals could be achieved in one surgery, as opposed to doing two or more.

Preparing the Home

Preparation for breast augmentation surgery in Houston includes having a physical space at home that encourages recovery. Patients should pick up their medications several days before surgery, so everything is ready by the time of the operation. They usually need to sleep in a recliner for several days and are not allowed to pick up any heavy items, including babies or small children. Childcare arrangements should be in place before surgery as needed.

It is important to have an adult present for at least 24 hours after surgery to help with any potential emergency. Patients should also increase their protein intake during the recovery period, as their bodies will need the nutrients for proper healing. Some chores to take care of before the surgery include cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and meal prepping to have enough food for several days. With these taken care of, they can rest comfortably once they return home after the procedure.

Talk to Us About Preparing for Your Houston Breast Augmentation

Preparation for breast augmentation begins even before you reach out to us, when you start thinking about the body you want to achieve. The team at Deigni Plastic Surgery will answer all your questions and ensure your highest degree of comfort as you undergo surgery. Call 281-721-4373 and schedule your initial consultation.

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