Most people experience some weight gain due to lifestyle habits, genetics, pregnancy, or medical conditions, but losing the weight is challenging for many adults. Surgical fat removal with liposuction is an option for long-term improvements of your overall figure or specific body areas you may have concerns about. Therefore, if you have difficulty losing extra body fat with diet, exercise, and non-invasive cosmetic treatments, consider the remarkable changes that are possible with liposuction in Houston.

The body contouring procedure could target a broad spectrum of areas on the body, including your face and neck, for more defined contours and jawlines. Importantly, since the surgery is not an alternative to healthy weight loss, patients must meet a few physical conditions to qualify for liposuction. Book a consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deigni of Deigni Plastic Surgery to discuss more in-depth your medical history, cosmetic goals, and eligibility for Houston liposuction.
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How Does Liposuction Work to Remove Fat?

Liposuction procedures in Houston are a minimally invasive option for reducing excess fat cells from several possible areas, including the abdomen, legs, back, chest, face, neck, and more. For the surgery, small incisions allow a cannula tube to target specific areas before loosening, liquifying, and vacuuming them from the body. In most cases, the minor incisions necessary for liposuction do not need sutures but instead heal with time and compression bandages, but stitches may be used for some patients.Notably, liposuction procedures do not address loose, sagging, and aging skin in treatment areas that may result from weight loss before treatment. Instead, the treatment relies on a patient’s skin to adhere to new body contours over time, which requires adequate skin elasticity.

Despite liposuction permanently removing targeted fat cells, the results are only long-lasting after treatment if a patient avoids significant weight fluctuations, as it does not prevent new fat from developing afterward. Notable weight gain and pregnancy after liposuction in Houston could reverse the treatment’s effects as new body fat accumulates.

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What to Consider Before Getting Liposuction in Houston

One of the primary requirements for liposuction patients in Houston is to be close to their optimal weight before surgery, typically within 30 percent of their ideal number. Furthermore, since the surgery requires anesthesia, minor incisions, and several weeks of recovery, patients must be in good overall health before liposuction. For instance, it is important for patients to quit smoking prior to surgery, as liposuction patients must refrain from nicotine use before and after the procedure.

In addition, since liposuction treatments do not address skin laxity in treatments areas and exclusively remove excess fat cells, liposuction may not be the best choice for individuals with loose skin. However, liposuction is a suitable treatment for patients with good skin elasticity and tone due to the skin tightening around new contours naturally.

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Many people struggle with losing extra body fat with diet and exercise alone, especially in common problem areas with more stubborn fat cells, such as the waist. In these cases, undergoing liposuction could help eliminate the last of persistent excess body fat to highlight your muscle tone and body contours while boosting your self-confidence.

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