Cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal choice and many people can have vastly different reasons for doing so. Excess fat tissue can have numerous negative impacts, both physical and psychological, causing people to want to get liposuction. Contact Deigni Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation where you can discuss your reasons for getting liposuction in Houston.

Common Causes of Excess Fat and Skin on the Body

Many different factors can play into how the body changes over time. As we age, we lose skin support in the form of collagen, and our skin begins to age, with wrinkles starting to form. Genes, and the way our family members carry their weight on their body, also play into the way we distribute our fat around the body.

Other things that affect the body contouring is whether a patient has had pregnancies, if they had twins or not, and also how much weight they have gained over the years. Rapid weight loss can play a factor as well. These are all important to discuss and understand during a consultation.

Could Liposuction Be Medically Necessary?

For the most part, liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure, and most insurance plans will not cover this. There may be a few instances where it can be medically necessary, such as with a condition called lipedema. In the early stages of this illness, the patients will attempt a variety of treatment modalities, which include lymphatic drainage massages, compression, therapy, and liposuction, which can help to remove the excess fat that accumulates mostly in the lower part of the bodies. Apart from that, most liposuction procedures will not be deemed medically necessary and therefore will not be covered by insurance.

Alternatives to Liposuction for Losing Weight

This is an area that Dr. Deigni discusses quite often with patients in Houston. Diet and exercise are the primary ways to address weight. We find that a lot of patients have the determination but it is very difficult to actually implement it. Instead of focusing on the type of diet, we try to encourage patients to increase their exercise and their activity level throughout the day and to do it gradually. They should also reduce their portions during meals. Those are some simple steps that they can start with.

For patients who are morbidly obese, i.e. those who probably are looking to lose maybe 50 to 60 pounds, we might recommend that they get in touch with a nutritionist and a trainer, and develop a treatment plan for them to reach their goal. Other patients will look into some type of bariatric surgery, which is a weight loss surgical procedure to help them lose that weight before they can come and get any other procedures with Dr. Deigni. Once you are close to your goal weight, then we use liposuction to get you the rest of the way there.

Benefits of Getting Lipo

Patients will come in wanting to get rid of their love handles or the excess fat rolls that they can feel in their back, bra line, or their belly. These can be difficult to remove with just exercise and diet.

There are many benefits to getting liposuction in Houston, and patients are usually extremely excited about the new look. They report having increased self-esteem and a boost in confidence as they suddenly find that they look good in their clothes. They are able to go out and engage in activities that otherwise they would not have if they were concerned about their body.

Come to Our Houston Office to Discuss your Reasons for Getting Liposuction

Your reasons for getting liposuction in Houston are your own – and as long as you are healthy enough by our standards, you can get this procedure and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Our team is ready to work with you to come up with a safe and effective plan. Discuss your options by calling us at 281-721-4373.

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