You love being a mother, but you may not love the effect that pregnancy has had on your body. If you want to reclaim your shape, a Mommy Makeover in Houston, sometimes called a mommy tuck, can be your answer.

As you know, pregnancy affects several areas of your body, not just one. Our Mommy Makeover addresses multiple parts of your body to produce the look you want.

For example, any combination of body contouring procedures may be used. You and your doctor will make the selection of which procedures to use based on what’s right for you. Typical procedures used in a Mommy Makeover include:

Together, the procedures tighten the abdominal area to remove the all-too-familiar bulge that comes with pregnancy. They also restore fullness to the breasts and correct sagging. Plus, a Mommy Makeover can give you a shapely bottom that will never again make you hesitant to put on a bathing suit.

Pregnancy required nine months to alter your body. Deigni Plastic Surgery can undo the damage in as little as six to seven hours. There’s one interesting thing to keep in mind about the Mommy Makeover—it’s not just for moms. That’s right. You can have a Mommy Makeover without the kids.

There can be several other reasons why you’d like the benefits that come with the bundled procedures of our Mommy Makeover. They’re available to anyone.

Who Are Good Candidates for a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgeons created Mommy Makeovers for moms, of course. But you don’t have to be a mother to receive your best Mommy Makeover. Any woman who meets the basic qualifications can be a candidate for a Mommy Makeover surgery.

In general, a woman needs to have sound health. This doesn’t mean that she has to have the fitness of a world-class athlete. It simply means that she doesn’t have any serious medical condition that would hinder surgery.

It’s also best if she has no intention of becoming pregnant again. You will lose the effects of the makeover once your body begins to experience the changes that are natural during pregnancy.

Dr. Deigni also wants to make sure that the client has a reasonable expectation of what she can expect to achieve with the makeover. Results can be dramatic, but they’re limited by several main factors: the woman’s basic body shape and her conditioning.

Mommy Makeover Consultation

At Deigni Plastic Surgery, you’re not just one in the crowd—you’re a unique individual. Dr. Deigni wants to get to know you better, so expect to have a relaxed but detailed consultation with him regarding your makeover.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deigni wants to determine your overall level of health. He wants to take note of any special issues that could influence surgery. For example, do you have a noteworthy pre-existing health condition? This could be anything from a heart murmur to a phobia such as claustrophobia. The doctor will also want to be aware of any surgeries you had.

Do you have allergies to the ingredients and materials used during the procedure or for after-surgery care? What medications are you currently taking? Do you use herbal supplements? Are you on a vitamin or mineral program?

What is your history with tobacco, alcohol, and drugs? Do not feel embarrassed to speak openly about any problems that you’ve had in this area. We’re here to help you, not judge you.

Dr. Deigni will perform a thorough physical examination of the targeted areas, including your breasts, tummy, and buttocks. He’ll note their general condition and their size. He’ll also take photographs to document your before-surgery appearance.

After the doctor has all the information that he needs, he’ll give you an idea of the improvements that you can expect the Mommy Makeover to make for you. He’ll then discuss the options that he recommends based upon your needs and desires. You will remain in charge of your body at all times and will be the one to make the final decisions.

Preparation for Mommy Makeover Surgery

The preparation for a Mommy Makeover is not any more complicated than that required for other basic procedures. You should be prepared to make small alterations to your daily routine, for example, to stop smoking or heavily using alcohol and drugs.

There may be medications that you’re taking for certain conditions that you’ll have to stop using for a while. Any medication or supplement you’re taking that works as a blood thinner may have to be halted. This includes specialized medications as well as something as common as aspirin. This is a standard practice before surgery to curtail bleeding.

It’s important to maintain a healthy routine of eating well, getting plenty of rest, and keeping your stress level low.

Complete recovery varies from person to person and generally takes 7-10 days. Just think—in less than two weeks you could look in the mirror and see the body you’ve always wanted. Mommy Makeovers in Houston  make it possible to embrace motherhood without letting go of your figure. Call us today to learn more.

If you have questions about a mommy makeover or want to take the first step to a more shapely you, do not hesitate to call us at 281-721-4373 and ask about a consultation and medical assessment to discuss your options.

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