A highly sought-after physical characteristic for many men is defined abdominal muscles that create the appearance of a six-pack. However, certain individuals may not be able to achieve this ideal look with diet and exercise due to genetics, lifestyle habits, or other factors. In that case, you could accomplish a long-lasting contoured look to your stomach with minimally invasive abdominal etching in Houston.

This operation replicates the appearance of an abdominal six-pack by construing a minimal amount of fat across the abdominal wall. However, not everyone is suitable for abdominal etching due to particular physical characteristics and medical history factors. Determine your eligibility for abdominal etching surgery and learn the benefits by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Deigni.

What is Abdominal Etching Surgery?

Unlike liposuction surgery, which exclusively focuses on excess fat removal, abdominal etching surgery in Houston includes both extra fat removal and fat reshaping. The surgery uses traditional liposuction methods to loosen, liquefy, and vacuum out surplus fat cells from the abdominal area but does not remove the entirety of excess fat. Instead, Dr. Deigni removes most of the extra fat from the stomach while leaving a minimal amount left over for contouring over the muscles.

After removing some unwanted abdominal fat from strategic placements, he sculpts the remaining fat over the abdominal muscles to create a similar definition to a six-pack. By using this technique, abdominal etching further enhances abdominal definition and makes the muscles appear more prominent.

Since the procedure is minimally invasive and the necessary incisions for liposuction are minor, the recovery time typically ranges from ten days to two weeks. Abdominal etching enhancements continue to improve in the months after surgery, with most patients seeing final results about five months after their procedure.

Men Who Could Benefit from Abdominal Etching

Men who could considerably benefit from abdominal etching will have a BMI score below 30, but still struggle with stubborn abdominal fat and lack visible muscle definition. Most patients find the challenges to improving abdominal definition emotionally distressing and adversely impacting their mental well-being. After the operation, a majority of male patients have significantly improved body image, self-image, and confidence in both their appearance and themselves.

Despite the abdominal etching procedure eliminating some surplus body fat, the procedure is not a substitute for healthy weight loss with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Therefore, like liposuction patients, abdominal etching patients in Houston should be near their ideal weight before surgery since the procedure typically removes less than 11 pounds. Further weight gain after the procedure could offset the effects, so patients must maintain a stable weight both before and after surgery.

Similar to liposuction, abdominal etching does not address moderate and severe skin laxity that builds up on the waist and abdomen that causes visible sagging skin. Ideal patients for this procedure should have adequate skin elasticity and be in good overall health.

Schedule an Assessment for Abdominal Etching in Houston

Developing a six-pack may be impossible for some men due to their genetics and body composition. If you find yourself in that category, the best long-term solution for creating noticeable abdominal definition and minimizing belly fat is abdominal etching in Houston.

Since abdominal etching uses a minimally invasive approach, the recovery is fairly short, and possible side effects are less severe than other abdominal contouring procedures. If you have difficulty achieving your ideal abdominal muscle definition with exercise alone, reach out to Deigni Plastic Surgery today.

If you have questions about abdominal etching, do not hesitate to call us at 832-843-2294 and ask for a consultation.

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