As we get older, everyone develops one of the standard signs of aging: skin laxity, often resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging, but the change is not exclusive to the face. In many instances, people develop sagging or loose skin on several body areas with age, weight gain, and pregnancy. The best option for contouring the body to your satisfaction is body lift surgery in Houston, which offers other notable cosmetic enhancements and psychological benefits.

A body lift aims to address the areas of excess tissues that are located mostly in the belt area, including the upper buttocks, lower back, hips, and tummy. This problem is often associated with patients who have lost a massive amount of weight. Please consult with Dr. Deigni ahead of time to determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure.

What is Involved in a Body Lift Surgery?

A body lift procedure includes several surgical techniques to target multiple body areas during one operation, specifically the abdomen, waist, thighs, lower back, and buttocks. In Dr. Deigni’s hands, the operation consists of a drainless tummy tuck procedure to contour and slim the stomach by trimming excess skin, and using liposuction as needed to remove surplus fat. In addition, the surgery includes repairs to the abdominal muscles if they sustained substantial damage from pregnancy or exercise, which offers multiple health benefits.

A Houston body lift extends the treatment area from the abdomen to include the waist and lower back, with the goal of removing loose skin and some amount of extra fat, such as love handles. By extending the treatment area towards the backside, body lifts also target the buttocks, enhancing the contour of the muscle and reducing cellulite in that region. Likewise, the surgery could lift, contour, and smoothen cellulite on the outer and inner thighs by including various thigh lift techniques.

A body lift is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of two to three hours. After weight loss, this surgery is the final touch and the refinement needed to look and feel your very best.

When to Consider a Body Lift in Houston

One of the primary motivations for patients in Houston to get a body lift is the long-term correction of moderate and severe skin laxity in several lower body areas. Redundant, hanging skin can be difficult to deal with. It interferes with many aspects of one’s life, ranging from performing simple personal hygiene to feeling comfortable in various social gatherings. For example, finding appropriate clothing can be difficult and time consuming. Exercising can be difficult due to uncomfortable excess weight and skin, not to mention problems with body odor and sweating.

Patients also consider the procedure when more severely sagging skin on the lower body adversely impacts the balance of their overall figure. For instance, a body lift could improve the lower and upper body proportions, thus boosting an individual’s general perceived attractiveness to others.

However, patients must maintain a stable weight before and after surgery to ensure successful long-term results. If a patient gains a significant amount of weight afterward, additional fat accumulation and skin laxity could redevelop on the lower body, thus reversing the effects of the surgery.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Body Lift Surgery in Houston

Weight changes, along with declining collagen and elastin production, often result in loose skin and noticeable sagging along the waist, flanks, and thighs for many individuals. Following an exercise routine and a healthy diet is a great way to improve muscle tone in these areas, but if you continue to struggle with these concerns, you may want to consider body lift surgery in Houston.

Though this procedure targets several lower body areas ranging from the abdomen to the thighs, the surgery could enhance your figure by balancing your overall proportions. Call our office for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Deigni to discuss the procedure, the recovery process, and the potential benefits that could come from it.

Discuss your body lift by calling us at 281-721-4373 and ask about a medical assessment.

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