If you have lost a lot of weight and you struggle with excess skin on your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, there are cosmetic solutions that can help. The lower body lift in Houston, a specialized type of body surgery, can dramatically improve these issues, renew your self-confidence, and allow you to fully enjoy your weight loss achievements.

With this procedure, Deigni Plastic Surgery will ensure that your body will look smoother, more defined, and more contoured, allowing you to fit better into your clothes and feel more confident and secure about your appearance. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our team.

What You Need to Know About Lower Body Lifts

The body lift is a surgical procedure and you will be required to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Deigni. During this consultation, he will expertly assess your needs and how best to perform the procedure. You can expect to:

  • Provide your complete medical history, ensuring that there is nothing that prohibits you from getting this procedure
  • Review the entire procedure with Dr. Deigni
  • Review the risks, downtime, and recovery of the procedure
  • Be informed of recommended lifestyle changes such as eliminating smoking, nicotine products, recreational drugs, drinking, aspirin or blood thinners prior to the procedure, and to follow a healthy diet
  • Discuss potential additional procedures (if necessary) to facilitate the optimal whole-body transformation

If you are approved, we will then set a date for the surgery. During a lower body lift surgical procedure in our Houston office, we will administer anesthesia to maximize your comfort throughout. Excess skin from the lower body, including the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, will then be carefully and expertly removed through precise incisions, with every attempt to conceal these incisions as much as possible. After this is complete, the remaining tissue and skin are then carefully sewn together with sutures. This whole sequence takes about three to four hours in total.

Rest and Recovery Following Your Lower Body Lift

Once your incisions are closed, we will monitor you for a short time in your recovery room to ensure that there are no complications. Most patients should be able to return home on the same day.

We recommend that you take a one to two weeks off after your Houston lower body lift surgery to recover. It is very important during your rest and recovery period that you do not over-extend, or roughly twist or bend the treated areas in any manner. This will ensure a very smooth healing process. Ideally, you should make yourself comfortable and plan your life accordingly so that you do not have to exert yourself to get food or perform necessary tasks. Our medical team will be in contact with you during this time and provide a guideline of what to do and what to avoid for the next several weeks. We will also schedule follow-up appointments with you as needed.

Discover the Deigni Difference by Getting a Lower Body Lift in Houston

Dr. Deigni is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-known for his work in cosmetic body surgery, including various lifts. Many people wish to cut back on some of the fat in their waist, and a lower body lift in Houston can do so with precision.

Connect with us if you are ready to begin your transformative journey. We pride ourselves in our passion for providing exceptional and compassionate service to our clients. With a wealth of experience under our belt, a patient-first perspective, and a commitment to always acting in our clients’ best interests, Deigni Plastic Surgery is your destination for all cosmetic, dermatology and plastic surgery needs. Contact Deigni Plastic Surgery today at 281-721-4373 for a consultation about lower body lifts and to ask any questions you may have about what is involved.

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