Well placed incisions are made to minimize any visible scars. Through these incisions the cheek, jowl, and lower face areas are contoured to provide a more vibrant, pleasing appearance.

Performed under general anesthesia, a facelift in Houston may take between four to six hours depending on the number of adjunct procedures. Bruising and swelling usually improve during the first week. Most patients are able to resume their daily activities by the end of the first week. You will receive specific instructions during your recovery period explaining activity restrictions, postoperative care, the healing process, and your follow-up appointments.

Midface Lift

A midface lift addresses the central portion of the face. It helps lift the falling lower lid and cheek junction to improve the lower eyelid, remove fat bags that contribute to the tired or sad appearance, and restore volume to the upper cheek area. This procedure is usually combined with lower eyelid surgery in select patients.

The improvements to the midface will appear as the bruising and swelling subside. The healing process will depend on the combination of procedures as well as your individual healing characteristics.

Dr. Deigni looks forward to discussing this procedure in detail with you and determining whether you are a candidate during your consultation.

Why You Might Consider a Facelift

There are many reasons you might be considering a facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy. The cosmetic concerns that arise alongside the natural aging process, such as predominant wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck, can cause feelings of inadequacy and a desire for a revived youthfulness. Getting a facelift surgery in our Houston office with Dr. Deigni, a meticulous and empathetic plastic surgeon, could address these concerns and more.

For instance, a rhytidectomy could minimize skin folds or creases around the nose and mouth, and skin laxity in the mid-face. The operation also extends downward to remove drooping skin from the neck, chin, and jawline (jowls) to enhance lower facial contours.

In addition, since facelift procedures use liposuction techniques to remove and reposition extra fat, the surgery could also reduce the appearance of a double chin. Facelift surgery could even diminish a “turkey neck” that forms due to loose skin and underlying muscle tissue along the neck and beneath the chin.

Further, due to Dr. Deigni placing incisions along or within the hairline, most patients do not have blatantly visible scarring after the procedure. This means you could discreetly enjoy your newly refreshed vibrance and only share your beauty secrets on your own terms.

Is There a Right Age or Time for Facelift Surgery?

More invasive plastic surgery procedures like facelifts are typically reserved for moderate to severe cosmetic concerns. Facelift patients in Houston generally range in age from their 40s to 60s, which is often when signs of aging are more apparent. Individuals in their 30s that see the beginning stages of wrinkles and skin laxity benefit more from a less invasive mini facelift or targeted midface lift procedure.

Patients older than their 60s, in good health and with adequate skin elasticity, could also benefit from a rhytidectomy. In these cases, it is important to note that there may be more health risks and an extended recovery time associated with the procedure. However, Dr. Deigni is skilled in mitigating complications to ensure you have the overall successful results you desire.

Besides age, another vital consideration when deciding to get facelift surgery is your degree of unhappiness with the appearance of your face and neck. If the loss of your youthful features is a source of emotional distress, the self-image improvements often shown after the procedure could be worthwhile.

Contact Our Office to Learn About Getting a Facelift in Houston

If you have found yourself longing to turn back the clock on your signs of aging and boost your self-image, the best option is a facelift in Houston at Deigni Plastic Surgery. Dr. Deigni will put his aesthetic artistry to work for you in removing unnecessary skin and fat, and tightening underlying tissues, to reveal a more rejuvenated and age-defying appearance.

Facelift results could be considerable and long-lasting for patients of all ages, especially when paired with a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine. Call our office at 281-721-4373 to speak with a welcoming member of our team who can answer your questions and assist you in scheduling a more in-depth consultation.

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