People gain weight in different areas and stubborn skin and fat on the thighs is difficult to get rid of. There are many variations in the size, amount, and shape of the irregularities that may be present in this area. Some patients carry their weight in the upper aspect of the inner thighs while others carry it along the entire inner thigh, sometimes extending to the knees.

After a physical examination, a plan is developed based on the particular distribution of the bothersome tissues. Some patients may need only liposuction, while other may need a combination of liposuction and surgical excision. There are a number of different techniques that help improve this area of the body and can include a horizontal component, a vertical component, or a combination of both.

A thigh lift in Houston is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately three to four hours to complete. This is usually an outpatient procedure and initial recovery for most patients is within five to seven days.

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