Though some women may seek breast surgery out of a desire for more voluminous breasts, many consider their naturally large bust size to be a hindrance. The limited clothing options, and constant back and shoulder pain associated with having a bigger chest are enough to cause a decrease in overall happiness. If this is something you are struggling with, you may want to consider undergoing breast reduction surgery in Houston.

After this procedure, many patients experience an improvement in not only their physical comfort but also their emotional well-being. Deigni Plastic Surgery offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where patient needs come first. Contact our office if you would like to schedule a consultation to hear more details about breast surgery and what options would be best for you.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

The primary goal of breast reduction procedures in Houston is to reduce breast size by removing extra tissue, fat, and skin with surgical excision. In most cases, this results in a decrease of one to two cup sizes, but a more substantial reduction is possible depending on your starting volume and desired outcome. The surgery could also include areola and nipple reduction, and repositioning techniques to ensure proportionate and natural-looking results.

The cosmetic changes possible with breast reduction surgery go beyond decreasing breast size and include improving your overall figure. For instance, the operation could balance the proportions between the hips, breasts, and shoulders. This improvement often results in patients feeling more confident about their silhouette, which opens up more options for clothing, more enjoyable social experiences, and potentially even a better dating or romantic life.

Like other body contouring procedures, the results of breast reduction surgery could be compromised by not correctly following aftercare instructions or forgoing appropriate pre-surgical health evaluations. At Deigni Plastic Surgery, great care is taken to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and in the best position to achieve optimal long-lasting results.

Why Should You Consider a Breast Reduction?

The primary motivation for most breast reduction patients is to alleviate physical discomfort and limitations caused by more prominent breast sizes. For example, the additional weight of larger breasts may prevent an individual from doing particular exercises, such as running. In addition, the surgery could relieve chronic shoulder, back and neck pain, and skin irritation by reducing breast size and, thus, weight.

Patients also often consider breast reduction for emotional reasons. The challenges surrounding more prominent breasts that many patients face adversely impact their body image, self-esteem, and confidence. If you are struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction and discomfort in your own skin due to your bust size, a breast reduction surgery in Houston can help restore your quality of life.

Consider Scheduling a Breast Reduction Assessment in Houston for More Details

Breast reduction surgery is about more than just physical appearance. It can offer a variety of life improvements, including a broader selection of undergarments and clothing options, increased comfortability with romantic partners, decreased physical pain, and an overall confidence boost.

If you are struggling with chronic back pain or are unhappy with your appearance due to prominent breast size, consider the long-lasting physical and emotional benefits of breast reduction surgery in Houston. Call Deigni Plastic Surgery at 281-721-4373 to schedule a private consultation with a competent board-certified plastic surgeon who understands your needs.

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