Surgery of any kind – including plastic surgery – requires adequate preparation. You need to take certain steps to ensure that the surgery goes as smoothly as possible, with minimal complications. If you are preparing for a breast reduction in Houston, you may have a number of questions, concerns, and anxieties about the procedure. We completely understand. The top-most consideration on your mind should be selecting the right office for your breast reduction procedure. The experienced team at Deigni Plastic Surgery is happy to address your concerns and give you all the information you need to make your experience comfortable and rewarding.

We have compiled these guidelines based on our extensive experience performing breast reductions – and breast surgeries of every type – for our patients in the Greater Houston Area. If you follow the guidelines and have clear communication with our team, you will be well on your way to better body acceptance.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction Procedure

Why should you opt for a breast reduction? Time and time again, our patients describe to us how their breast reduction has transformed their lives and how satisfied they are with the surgical results. Once you have recovered and returned to your daily routine, you will experience incredible comfort, along with a dramatic reduction in pain, elevating your overall quality of life.

Scheduling an Initial Consultation for a Breast Reduction

If you feel that you are the ideal candidate for a breast reduction operation, the first step is to book a complimentary initial consultation with our team.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Olivier Deigni will confirm that you are in good condition to undergo this procedure by getting your comprehensive medical history – including any medical conditions you have and a history of all prior surgeries. We will ensure that you are fully aligned with the treatment plan, step-by-step, and that the treatment will meet your needs and goals. Our medical team will personally review the risks, downtime, and recovery so that you know what to expect and can properly prepare for it ahead of time.

In the event that you do not fulfill the requirements for a breast reduction, we will discuss alternatives and potentially some actions you can take to become a better candidate down the road.

Our Expert Plastic Surgery Team Strongly Recommends the Following

The ultimate preparation plan for your Houston breast reduction entails that you closely follow your plastic surgeon’s pre-operative instructions. This will ensure that you have a smooth procedure with minimal chance of issues or complications. In the weeks leading up to your operation day, our team members may advise you to avoid aspirin, blood-thinners, medications or supplements that will impede the healing process or pose a potential risk. We will also advise you to completely stop smoking, drinking, using nicotine products and other recreational drugs, and to ensure that you are following a healthy, balanced diet. In addition to being good for your health overall, these actions can make your body’s natural healing processes run more smoothly – a necessary thing for proper healing after surgery.

Call Us to Discuss How You Can Prepare for your Breast Reduction in Houston

At Deigni Plastic Surgery, we strive to serve our clients with advanced, cutting-edge treatments and therapies, exceptional medical expertise, and above all else, with honesty and integrity. This begins when we sit down with you and make preparations for your makeover. Our goal is your complete comfort when you come in for one of these procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about adequately preparing for your breast reduction in Houston, please book an initial consultation with us by calling 281-721-4373 or filling out a contact form. With the right preparation, you will fully recover in no time at all and be satisfied with your new look.

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