Several factors can cause your breast implants to deviate from their original appearance or expectations. The deviation can result from a poor breast augmentation procedure, change of condition of the breast implant, or changes in the breast tissues, mainly due to breastfeeding and pregnancy.

If you want to alter or replace your implants, you should consider a breast implant revision in Houston by an experienced cosmetic breast surgeon like Dr. Olivier Deigni. Even if your original surgery was from another surgeon, Dr. Deigni can effectively correct the position and restore your implants to their proper aesthetic.

What Does it Mean to Revise Your Breast Implants?

Breast implant revision is a plastic surgery process to replace or make adjustments to old implants, in order to improve their appearance. It could include several procedures such as updating the implant’s material, a concurrent reduction or lift, reshaping the breast implant pocket, and repositioning the implant on the chest. We could also change the breast implant’s size, shape, or structure.

Why Should You Consider a Revision?

There are many reasons that may prompt a person to consider breast implant revision in Houston. The most prominent reasons that Dr. Deigni encounters include the following.

Change in Your Breast Size

One of the common reasons why people seek breast implant revision surgery is the desire to have bigger or smaller breasts. Determining the right size for your breast is a deeply personal choice but can be confusing. What might seem like the right size during your consultation might not end up being the best option later. In that case, a revision surgery would help you get the right breast size based on your body frame, breast tissue, breast width, and personal goals.

Capsular Contracture

You may experience a capsular contracture when the implant scar tightens, hardening the breast and causing an unnatural appearance. The breasts may become painful and appear rounder. Factors such as bleeding around the implant, infection of the breast, or trauma can cause this condition. There are different ways to handle a capsular contracture but replacing the breast implant is the best procedure.

The Breast Implant Has Moved

Implant malpositioning can occur when the implant’s pocket enlarges, allowing it to drift from its desired position. A breast implant revision surgery is suitable for this situation to correct the size of the implant pocket and hold it properly.

Change with the Breast Tissue

Factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and age affect the breast tissues, causing the breasts to sag. You may need a revision to maintain your breasts to the desired position.

Site Changing

This surgery corrects breast implants when the tissue covering the augmented breast is too thin, causing a ripple around the breast. Dr. Deigni can solve this by moving the implants below the affected tissue, such as going from above the muscle to underneath the muscle or grafting fat from other body parts to provide additional tissues.

Best Candidates for Breast Implant Revision

Ideally, you are a good candidate for a breast implant revision if you had a breast augmentation in the past, but are unhappy with it for whatever reason. Patients in Houston may be a good candidate for breast implant revision if:

  • They are unhappy with the shape, appearance, and size of the implants
  • They have concerns about the condition and integrity of the implants
  • They are physically healthy
  • They are a non-smoker or are planning to quit
  • An imaging study has revealed leakage from the implant
  • The scar tissue has tightened around the breast area

By schedule a consultation at Deigni Plastic Surgery, we can talk with you about what your options are for correcting your breast implants.

The Breast Revision Process

Dr. Deigni will examine your breasts to determine the current state of the implants. He may recommend an ultrasound or MRI to check whether some leaks or ruptures may have caused the implants to be misshapen.

You will discuss your medical history and experiences regarding your previous breast augmentation. It is crucial to discuss why you want to make these changes and whether you have lost weight or become pregnant. These factors may affect the outcome of the surgery.

During the revision, Dr. Deigni will make incisions in your breast area, depending on the changes you want to make. You will then have to wear bandages around the chest area, accompanied by a sports bra. If you are working, you will need to take some time off to recover.

Get a Best Breast Implant Revision in Houston

A breast implant revision surgery can be a bit more complicated than the original breast augmentation, which is why you need to reach out to a highly experienced plastic surgeon. You will need an accurate implant assessment to determine the best way to correct your existing implants.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with multiple awards, there is no medical professional better suited for your breast implant revision in Houston than Dr. Deigni. Please get in touch with us today by calling 281-721-4373 and learn more about our services.

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