Capsular contracture is a major health condition which can impact breast implants following a breast enhancement procedure. Capsular contracture is the process of excessive scar tissue forming around the implants in the breast and this painful condition can cause debilitating chest pain which can drastically reduce your quality of life. Some women who seek capsular contracture treatment in Houston opt for implant removal but this is not always necessary.

We understand that you may have a lot of anxieties and concerns about capsular contracture, and how it can be treated with surgical intervention. The most important consideration is to speak to a highly trained and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Deigni regarding which breast surgery will work best for you.

Capsular Contracture: What Is It?

In some cases, after a breast implant is embedded in the breast tissue, fibrous scar tissue can form around it. The body responds to this phenomenon by forming a protective capsule around it because it recognizes the implant as a foreign object. In most cases, this capsule is completely benign and does not affect the patient in any way. However, in some women, an unusually large, hard, or dense tissue capsule can form, which can squeeze the implant.

When this occurs, it is called capsular contracture, which can cause chronic pain and distort the shape of the breast, making it rise higher on the person’s chest. Capsular contracture is marked by an unnaturally increased firmness or tightness in the breast. This can manifest as early as a few months after your breast implant surgery but it can also manifest years later.

You may want to consider corrective surgery, such as breast implant removal or replacement surgery for capsular contracture if you are experiencing chronic pain, restricted range of motion, or changes in the position and shape of the breast. The solution for capsular contracture in Houston is ultimately up to you and if you still want the original enhancement.

Are You at Risk of Capsular Contracture?

While this condition can happen to anyone for any reason, you may be at risk of capsular contracture if:

  • You had radiation therapy previously, and especially following your breast implant procedure
  • Your implant has ruptured
  • You have developed a hematoma
  • You have developed a microbial biofilm on your implant
  • You are genetically predisposed to scars and scar formation

Capsular contracture treatment is available in Houston at Deigni Plastic Surgery. No matter the reason for its development, we can work with you to address it.

How Are Breast Implants Removed?

Breast implants are removed through scar revision surgery by our highly trained and highly qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Deigni. Essentially, your breast implants are removed by either re-opening the same incisions that were created to insert the implants or through new incisions, and we carefully extract the implants from the breasts. The surgery also removes the excess scar tissue. Oftentimes, women choose to have new implants placed, or undergo a simultaneous breast lift to enhance the curvature, roundness and fullness of their breasts.

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Are you suffering from capsular contracture, or do you think you might have developed it following your breast augmentation procedure? If so, schedule a time to consult with us. If you have any questions, concerns, or anxieties about your capsular contracture, our team can provide you with expert medical advice, guidance, and support.

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