The size and shape of your individual facial features will influence the balance and overall symmetry of your face. Take the chin, for example. Some individuals may have a smaller chin, resulting in other facial features such as the nose appearing larger and disproportionate. If you consider your chin to be weak and undefined, you could enhance its size long-term while improving facial contours with chin augmentation in Houston.

Like other facial surgery procedures, your aesthetic goals, areas of concern, and unique anatomy are all considered when determining the best approach for treatment. Consider contacting Deigni Plastic Surgery today to schedule a private consultation in a welcoming setting to discuss your needs with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Who Could Benefit from a Chin Augmentation?

The nose and chin on a proportional face will often project by similar amounts when looking at a person’s profile view. However, some individuals have a shorter chin projection, making their nose and other facial features appear generally out of balance. Chin surgery can improve this by adding definition to the area with an implant.

The results can even make a patient’s neck appear slimmer by reducing the appearance of excess fullness that creates a “double chin.” Further, this concern is not specific to one gender. For men, having a strong chin and jawline is paramount to appearing more chiseled and masculine, and having a weak chin can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

Chin augmentation patients in Houston typically undergo the procedure to achieve better overall facial symmetry. In addition to the aesthetic improvements this treatment can offer, most patients feel significantly more confident and have a better self-image afterward. As a result of this boost in self-esteem, improvements in social and professional relationships, and quality of life, are also often experienced.

What to Expect From a Chin Augmentation

The procedure for chin enhancement in Houston is similar to other augmentation surgeries because it involves inserting a custom silicone implant to provide projection and balance. The surgery typically requires only one incision about two centimeters long beneath the chin or inside the mouth, resulting in little to no visible scarring afterward for a more natural look. The implant is placed on top of the chin bone, below the muscles, and secured to the bone to ensure long-lasting results.

Since the treatment is not overly invasive, chin augmentation patients can typically return to light-impact activities within a week, and to their regular routine within three to four weeks. The results of chin implant surgery will be visible after one month when swelling reduces, and fully healed after three months of recovery. This timeline will vary by individual depending on health factors, age, and whether other procedures were performed at the same time.

Ask Dr. Deigni About Chin Augmentation Surgery in Houston

Many individuals are unhappy with their overall appearance due to their chin lacking sufficient volume and projection. If this is something you are struggling with, consider the cosmetic benefits of chin augmentation in Houston to achieve a more balanced and proportional facial structure. Not only will the results give you the aesthetic goals you are seeking but the improvement in symmetry can provide a renewed confidence that positively impacts your overall quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about chin augmentation procedures or would like to get started on your journey, contact Deigni Plastic Surgery at 281-721-4373. Our skilled and caring team is ready to help with your concerns.

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