One of the most common areas that adults struggle with loose skin and extra fat is on the abdomen, especially after a dramatic weight loss, aging, and pregnancies. As a result, tummy tuck surgery is popular for contouring the waist and slimming an individual’s figure. However, some individuals may be hesitant to consider the surgery due to the long recovery period with unpleasant drainage tubes.

For this reason, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deigni offers patients who want the cosmetic and medical benefits of the operation without the drainage tubes a drainless tummy tuck in Houston. The surgery utilizes a unique suturing method to eliminate the need for drainage tubes that often lead to minor healing complications and additional scarring. Ask our team more about the advantages of a drainless tummy tuck than traditional surgery by scheduling a consultation.

Drainless Versus Traditional Tummy Tuck

Both procedures utilize surgical extraction to remove extra fat deposits and loose skin from the abdomen and can be combined with liposuction for a more dramatic result. However, a traditional tummy tuck uses drainage tubes extending from patients’ incisions during the recovery process to prevent fluid accumulation and reduce swelling. However, many tummy tuck patients in Houston find this technique uncomfortable and tedious, as it requires additional observation and recovery time at the medical facility. Alternatively, a drainless tummy tuck procedure uses several layers of sutures to close incisions and secure the skin, fat, and muscles together to prevent fluid buildup.

Another advantage of this technique is a smoother recovery for most patients due to fewer complications with incision healing. Furthermore, drainless tummy tuck scars typically are less visible than scars that occur after a traditional procedure, since drainage tubes can worsen them.
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Benefits of Undergoing a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Most often, patients in Houston undergo tummy tuck surgery to eliminate stubborn abdominal fat that does not respond to diet and exercise, whether due to genetics, lifestyle habits, or other reasons. This is because tummy tuck surgery is the most effective option for removing loose skin from significant weight loss that hides muscle contours.

Many patients choose to have the procedure to repair weak and separated abdominal muscles, which often occurs during pregnancy. However, other patients could develop the condition from aging, rapid weight changes, weightlifting, abdominal swelling, and hereditary factors.

The operation provides a broad spectrum of medical benefits in addition to the various cosmetic improvements. For instance, by strengthening the abdominal muscles, patients have an increased tolerance for exercise and decreased risks of hernias. Additionally, many women have increased bladder control and, subsequently, fewer instances of urinary incontinence due to childbirth.
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Though the cosmetic and medical benefits of undergoing tummy tuck surgery are enticing, the recovery process may make you hesitant. However, you could enjoy the same abdominal enhancements without additional scarring and recovery time with a drainless tummy tuck in Houston. In addition, patients who choose a drainless tummy tuck usually have more mobility during their recovery due to the lack of drainage tubes.

For more details on a drainless approach to tummy tuck surgery, call 281-721-4373 for a consultation and medical assessment to discuss your eligibility for surgery.

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