Lots of people may wish to get a tummy tuck but we have specific criteria when determining if you can get this procedure. The ideal candidates for a tummy tuck in Houston must be generally healthy – which is why we conduct a thorough medical assessment. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Olivier Deigni, can talk to you during a private consultation and learn more about your reasons for getting this procedure.

Factors That Make a Good Candidate

A good candidate for tummy tuck in Houston is a patient who is bothered by the excess loose skin and bulge in their belly, and is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia. Examples of ideal candidates are a woman who is done having children, or a man who has lost a lot of weight, and would like to get rid of the excess loose skin that remains. We prefer someone who is within 5 to 10 pounds of their ideal weight, and who has a BMI of 32 or lower. They must also quit smoking cigarettes at least a month prior to surgery and for up to a month after the surgery to allow for adequate healing.

How Does Aging or Weight Loss Affect Tummy Tuck Candidates?

As we age, there are changes in the body that lead to increased skin looseness, muscle separation, and inability to naturally treat excess skin. However, age is not necessarily a deterrent for a tummy tuck, as long as the patient is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia and allow their body’s natural healing process to take over.

A number of patients who come to us have lost a significant amount of weight, such as 75 pounds or more, and now have excess loose skin in their belly area. Sometimes this skin interferes with exercise or daily activities. It can even be difficult to find appropriate clothing. These patients often benefit from a tummy tuck.

Any patient who plans to become pregnant within the next six months to a year should have their children prior to undergoing this procedure. Dr. Deigni will have them wait at least six months after delivery before having a tummy tuck, as this will allow their body to adjust and recover properly from the pregnancy. In addition, it is important for mothers to be available and active in their baby’s first months of life, and the recovery phase of plastic surgery could interfere with that.

Other Health Factors When Assessing Candidacy

We address many health factors with our Houston tummy tuck candidates. We ask for a thorough medical history, which could indicate a higher risk of complications for patients undergoing surgery. A patient’s prior surgeries can also lead to increased risks and complications, as well as large scars across the abdomen. It is important to gather this information and devise the proper treatment plan for the specific patient.

If you have a personal or family history of blood clotting, we may need to thoroughly investigate and assess the risk of wound-healing complications. All medical problems must be optimized prior to proceeding with surgery, such as:

  • Proper blood sugar control for patients with diabetes
  • Proper hemoglobin levels for someone with anemia
  • Proper blood pressure levels for those with high blood pressure

These are just a few common medical conditions we look at. If you have another condition that may affect the surgery, be sure to list it in your medical history.

Learn if You Are a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Houston

Dr. Deigni is a trusted and sought-after tummy tuck surgeon who understands his patients’ reasons for wanting to make a change. You can reach us at 281-721-4373 and set up an initial consultation to discuss your plastic surgery options. We can work with you to determine if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck in Houston.

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