Losing a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise is an accomplishment that often boosts your self-image and confidence. However, losing a notable amount of weight could also result in several unwanted impacts on your figure that could diminish some of your newfound self-esteem. These include loose skin, stubborn excess fat, and muscle damage. With the help of a competent board-certified plastic surgeon, several body contouring procedures could be performed to ensure your hard work is not overshadowed.

Post weight-loss surgery in Houston aims to repair the areas that carry stubborn weight or are more susceptible to post-weight loss skin laxity. Consider scheduling a consultation with Deigni Plastic Surgery for an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs and aesthetic goals.

Are You a Candidate for Post-Weight Loss Surgery?

Individuals who undergo surgical procedures after shedding a notable amount of weight typically do so to boost their results further. For example, stretching the soft tissue that occurs with weight gain and loss often leaves skin very loose and saggy. The appearance of this can be mild and localized to one area of the body or more severe and widespread.

In either case, instead of feeling confident in your new body, you might feel newly insecure or disappointed that your hard work is being hidden by extra skin. Other concerns that post-weight loss surgery in Houston can target include:

In addition to the physical improvements experienced following post-weight loss surgery, patients often express an overall improvement in social life, romantic relationships, and body image.

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Procedures Involved in Post-Weight Loss Surgery

The unwanted physical side-effects from a considerable weight loss can develop on several areas of the body, including the face, abdomen, legs, arms, neck, and breasts. Post-weight loss procedures in Houston include several options to target individual areas of concern.


Excess fat in specific body areas, such as the lower abdomen, is often more challenging to lose with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction treatments could eliminate this. The procedure uses minor incisions to insert a cannula tube that liquefies and vacuums up to 11 pounds of surplus fat from one to four areas during treatment. However, the surgery does not address skin laxity, so patients with sufficient skin elasticity in treatment areas will typically have better results.

Tummy Tuck

Since more considerable weight loss often results in stretched, loose skin around the abdomen, many individuals undergo tummy tuck surgery afterward. Unlike liposuction, the operation removes minimal fat before trimming and tightening the skin. A tummy tuck could also tighten and repair the separation of the abdominal muscles if a patient has significant muscle weakness and damage due to excess stretch before the weight loss.

Arm, Thigh, and Lower Body Lifts

Like the stomach, the upper arms and thighs could form loose skin that creates a sagging appearance, but a lift surgery for either area tightens the skin and tissues to reestablish contours. A lower body lift, which includes tummy tuck techniques, may be preferable if the concern extends beyond the thighs to the lower abdomen and flanks.

Other treatment options are available depending on your goals and areas of concern, such as breast lift surgery, and face or neck lifts.

Showcase Your Hard Work with Post-Weight Loss Surgery in Houston

Despite the accomplishment of losing considerable weight independently with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes, some individuals experience unwanted side effects such as loose skin and stubborn fat. The enhancements from post-weight loss surgery in Houston can remedy these issues and give you the confidence to proudly showcase your hard work and effort.

If you are considering options for post-weight loss surgical treatment, call Deigni Plastic Surgery at 281-721-4373 to schedule a consultation with a team that cares.

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