Are you concerned about your heavy, overweight breasts? You are not alone. A number of women experience macromastia – the medical diagnosis for heavy, overweight breasts – and thousands more are simply unhappy with the size of their breasts. Many women and men come to Deigni Plastic Surgery in the hope of reducing the size of their breasts so they are more proportional to their body.

Our surgical facility – staffed with an exceptional medical team – is a leader in breast surgery of all types, including breast reduction, breast augmentation, implant removal, implant replacement, and breast lift. If you are considering undergoing a reduction mammoplasty and you have questions, concerns, or anxieties about your breast reduction recovery in Houston, contact us today.

Why Should I Get a Breast Reduction?

If you have a cosmetic or medical issue that affects the appearance of your breasts as well as your personal comfort, you may be the ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery. Among the benefits of this procedure are:

  • The creation of shapely, proportionate breasts that truly fit your body and frame
  • Dramatic improvement in personal comfort
  • Dramatic reduction in pain in the breasts, neck, and back
  • Improved mental and emotional health

You should begin to see these benefits after you start to recover from your Houston breast reduction.

Our Recommendations During the Breast Reduction Recovery Process

During your initial consultation at our surgical facility, Dr. Olivier Deigni will personally review the post-operative and recovery procedures for your breast reduction. We strongly recommend you thoroughly follow the instructions to ensure an optimal recovery.

In our years of experience serving the greater Houston area and beyond, we have compiled a list of general guidelines on how you can ensure a smooth recovery from your breast reduction procedure and limit your chances of complications, risks, or issues.

To ensure a smooth recovery from your breast reduction, rest and relaxation is key. Ideally, you want to limit as much movement as possible. You must avoid engaging in any kind of activity that requires lifting more than a gallon of milk. This will help your incisions heal speedily.

Make sure you rest completely for at least two to four weeks and do not engage in any type of strenuous activity, such as working out, until Dr. Deigni gives you the green light.

To ensure your beautiful results last as long as possible, we recommend you strive to achieve a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle after your breast reduction surgery. It is critical that you:

  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein
  • Ensure adequate hydration with eight glasses of water daily
  • Take a daily multivitamin or supplement to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs
  • Exercise to maintain your beautiful new body

If you follow all of these post-operative instructions, you should be able to experience the result of your breast reduction without issue!

Learn More About Your Breast Reduction Recovery in Houston

We completely understand that the pain and discomfort you feel from your heavy, overweight breasts can have a major negative impact on your quality of life. That is why Dr. Deigni is committed to providing you with exceptional breast reduction surgery to help you live your best, most comfortable, and pain-free life.

Connect with our medical team today if you have any questions about breast reduction recovery in Houston. Our staff will be delighted to provide expert guidance and answer all your questions and concerns. To book a consultation, call today at 281-721-4373 and discover how a breast reduction can change your life.

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