To slim, shape and contour the thighs, liposuction may be the ideal treatment—however, that will not address the sagging skin characteristic of drastic weight loss and aging. If you are particularly dismayed by saggy, drooping thigh skin and tissue on your thighs, our Board-certified plastic surgeon can help you by performing an outer thigh lift in Houston. The outer (lateral) thigh lift, also known as an outer thighplasty, can help reduce excess, unwanted fat in the outer thigh and tighten the residual sagging skin.

Why Do I Need an Outer Thigh Lift?

The thighs can be dramatically affected by the signs of aging, as well as drastic weight loss or gain. These conditions can cause sagging, drooping skin and flabby tissue, which can be cosmetically unattractive for many. You may try to self-treat these issues with diet and exercise, but sometimes that is simply not enough for you to get the firm, toned thighs and the shapely figure that you desire. If you feel that you need a more dramatic transformation, you can turn to Deigni Plastic Surgery for professional help.

When performed by Dr. Olivier Deigni in our Houston office, the outer thigh lift has enormous physical, mental, and emotional benefits to our clients, including:

  • Expertly and precisely removing extra skin and fatty tissue on the outer thighs
  • Restoring the natural shape and smoothness of your outer thighs
  • Reducing and fading away the appearance of unseemly markings such as stretch marks and cellulite
  • Dramatically improving confidence and self-esteem

We feel privileged to have transformed the lives of our clients and made them feel comfortable in their own skin again.

What to Expect During the Houston Thigh Lift

Your journey to improved thighs begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Deigni. During this consult, he will expertly assess your medical needs and how best to perform this body sculpting surgery.

We will conduct a thorough medical evaluation, and review the risks, downtime, and recovery of the outer thigh lift procedure with you. We recommend eliminating any unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, and temporarily stop taking aspirin or blood thinners prior to the procedure. Following a healthy diet and active lifestyle will also improve your recovery process.

During the outer thigh lift procedure itself, we will provide you with anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the surgery. This type of thigh lift focuses on trimming the fat from the front and outer thigh area which is the most visible to others. We can also expand this to include the buttocks and lower back, targeting the cellulite that develops there. This procedure often leads to a balancing of the hips and shoulders.

Though the outer thigh lift itself takes approximately three hours, you will want to take the entire day off. Once we monitor you for a short time and confirm everything is proceeding as normal, you will be able to go home and rest. We will give you a complete list of post-operative instructions to ensure an optimal recovery.

Combining Your Surgical Procedures

If you wish to pursue another procedure at our clinic in addition to a thigh lift (such as a tummy tuck or Brazilian butt lift), we may recommend you to combine them into one session, rather than obtaining them independently. This is to mitigate any risks and complications, and to cut down on your recovery time. If you would like to find out more, be sure to discuss this during your initial consultation.

Recovery and Aftercare

Our friendly medical team will provide you with a complete list of instructions to ensure an optimal recovery following your procedure. We recommend that you arrange for a ride home from a trusted friend or family member since you will not be in a position to strain your legs. In the first few weeks (or as recommended by us) we advise you to avoid exercise or strenuous leg movement, which is why it is important to have everything you might need in that time before surgery day. It is important to take care of your health to facilitate a proper recovery: we always recommend to our clients to follow a healthy, balanced diet and to follow an active lifestyle. Throughout your recovery period we will schedule follow-up appointments until the swelling has subsided and you are able to be active again without any pain.

Learn More About an Outer (Lateral) Thigh Lift in Houston by Calling Deigni Plastic Surgery

We are proud to have an ever-growing list of happy and satisfied clients who come to us for their cosmetic and surgical needs. We believe in pairing the medical expertise of Dr. Deigni with the compassionate care of our nursing and office staff to provide exemplary service to our patients.

You do not need to remain embarrassed about showing your thighs or getting into form-fitting clothes. To find out more about the outer (lateral) thigh lift in Houston, and how it can dramatically transform your life, contact us at 281-721-4373 today.

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