You may be thinking about breast augmentation because you wish your breasts were fuller or that you could return to the plumpness you had before pregnancy and breastfeeding. Maybe your breasts have lost volume after a significant weight loss. Whatever has led to your dissatisfaction with your breasts, breast augmentation in The Woodlands could help.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni is here to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Breasts change over time, and not all changes are welcome. We understand you may no longer be happy with your breasts and want to improve your body contours.

Breast Augmentation Options

Breast augmentation used to be as simple as deciding between saline or silicone implants. Today, you could choose implants, a fat transfer, or combine implants with a breast lift. Dr. Deigni can offer guidance and answer all your questions as you decide which option is right for you. Each type of implant has its pros and cons. Being clear about your goals during your consultation will help Dr. Deigni suggest the size and type of implant most likely to help you achieve your desired shape.


Saline Implants

These implants consist of a silicone shell containing sterile saline solution, are known for their roundness and used to be the most popular choice. The risks from a leak or rupture of the implant are minimal as your body can safely absorb the saline.

Silicone Implants

As with saline implants, the outer shell is silicone, but they are filled with silicone gel instead of saline. They are the most popular type of breast implant. They are known for their teardrop shape, which many women consider more natural. The texture and feel of these implants are very lifelike. Silicone implants are lightweight, so you may prefer them when you lead an active life. While most women do not have problems from leaking silicone implants, others may experience pain and other symptoms.

Gummy Bear Implants

These cohesive silicone gel implants are an improvement on the basic implant made with a special silicone gel that can help the implants retain their shape. When these implants develop a hole in the exterior covering, this new type of gel is much less likely to leak out. Gummy bear implants also have a textured outer surface to help them stay in place within your breast tissue. One drawback for some is the firmness of the implant.

No implant is expected to last forever. Each type of implant has a certain lifespan, after which you will need to replace or remove it. Dr. Deigni can tell you more during your breast augmentation consultation in The Woodlands.

Fat Transfer

Another method of breast augmentation involves using fat from another part of your body to plump your breasts. The fat is harvested by liposuction from a chosen area of your body. It is then injected into your breasts to increase their size.

When you are worried about reacting poorly to silicone, you may feel more comfortable with a fat transfer because you will not be putting a foreign object in your body.

Breast Lift With Implants

Many women looking for a more complete breast enhancement in The Woodlands decide to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift. The reshaping and repositioning of breasts that come with a breast lift can give you a more youthful appearance. A breast lift is recommended when you feel there is sagging in your breasts, and the combination with the augmentation allows you to improve the loss of volume you may have noticed, especially in the upper part of your breasts.

Increase Your Confidence With Breast Augmentation in The Woodlands

Women who are self-conscious about sagging, asymmetrical, or small breasts can have low self-esteem. With the improved, more youthful look that breast augmentation can bring, you may notice improved self-confidence. Do not wait any longer to address your breast appearance issues. Make an appointment with Dr. Deigni today online or by calling 281-721-4373.  Having a breast augmentation in The Woodlands may quickly improve your silhouette and, along with that, your self-confidence.


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