Pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, or significant weight loss can all cause breasts to sag, though some women may have sagging breasts with no definite cause. Menopause can decrease the volume of breast tissue due to the change in hormones, which can also leave your breasts drooping. A breast lift in Sugar Land could raise, reposition, and reshape your natural breast tissue to improve your breast contours.

Some women choose to go with only a breast lift, while others like to have a breast lift along with breast augmentation. At your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni, you can discuss your problems and concerns. After an examination, you and Dr. Deigni will discuss the treatment options that will best suit you and your aesthetic goals.

What Can Breast Lift Surgery Do?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, can raise and reshape sagging breasts. When you are unhappy with the size of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple), it can be reduced to improve appearance. The placement of your nipples can also be addressed, especially if they are pointing downward. Sometimes, one breast is more noticeably sagging than the other, which can be improved with appropriate surgery to bring symmetry back.

There is no age requirement to have a breast lift. Younger women may feel uncomfortable with their breast shape as easily as more mature women. Breast size is not a concern, either. Small breasts can droop, too, and Dr. Deigni could move your small breasts into a better position.

A breast lift will not increase breast size, and some women even notice a drop in cup size after surgery. After changing the shape of your breasts with a breast lift in Sugar Land, your breast tissue will be more evenly distributed rather than all settled into the bottom of your breast.

Dr. Deigni can address breast size with a breast augmentation. Other adjustments to breast size can be made when needed to improve the symmetry of your breasts. Each of your breasts will have a separate surgical plan so their problems can be addressed separately.

When Should I Consider a Breast Lift?

When you develop sagging breasts due to weight loss, you want to be stable at your final weight or very close to your final weight before surgery. It is also recommended to have finished childbearing. Having another child after a breast lift may lead to the need for a revision procedure. Some women have reported difficulties breastfeeding after a breast lift. Nerves and milk ducts can be damaged during surgery.

A breast lift in Sugar Land is done under general anesthesia. You have the same risks for this type of surgery as with any other surgery, including infection and bleeding, but complications are rare. Recovery time from breast lift surgery usually takes about two weeks. There will be minor bruising and swelling right after surgery. You will be limited as to how much weight you can lift as your breasts are healing.

Reshape Your Figure With a Breast Lift in Sugar Land

When you are unhappy because your breasts sag or droop, make an appointment with Dr. Deigni online or by calling 281-721-4373. We know how to improve your breasts’ appearance so you will have a renewed, more youthful silhouette. A breast lift in Sugar Land may be in your future.

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