As we age, the signs of aging begin to reveal themselves on our bodies, starting with our face. Men may notice the development of unattractive fine lines, wrinkles, loose, sagging skin, and loss of youthful fullness in the face and neck that reveal their age. We understand how this can really diminish your self-confidence and self-esteem. Each of these conditions can be treated expertly with a facelift for men in Houston.

Deigni Plastic Surgery proudly provides plastic surgery for men – including for the face. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni, we provide exceptional service for our patients, ensuring that you are well taken care of and deeply satisfied with your results.

How Can a Facelift Benefit Men?

Our facelift procedure is ideal for men in Houston who have one or more of the following issues: visible wrinkles and fine lines, facial and neck skin sagginess, jowls created by sagging tissues along the jawline, and loss of fullness in the cheeks and lips.

By reducing—or even eradicating, in some cases—these signs of visible facial aging, the facelift can present you with a more youthful and natural-looking face, which can do wonders for your confidence. You should know that a facelift cannot create a brand-new face or dramatically alter your natural bone structure. It cannot remove decades of aging. However, you can enjoy a refreshed, youthful look that will last for years.

Dr. Deigni will expertly address aging concerns across the lower, middle, and upper sections of the face. His approach removes the drooping skin along the neck and chin, then tightens, contours, and tones the facial muscles, and includes an element of liposuction to permanently remove stubborn fat deposits. You will be able to identify specific areas of concern during your consultation, where you and Dr. Deigni will come up with a specific plan of action.

Am I The Ideal Facelift Candidate?

Because many minor concerns of the face can be addressed with injections or other kinds of treatments from our Med Spa, we will first determine if surgical intervention is necessary. Typically, men who get a facelift in our Houston office are in good general health, including good mental health, and free of any chronic or serious health conditions. We prefer that our clients are non-smokers and refrain from Aspirin or other blood-thinning medications. A good diet and exercise will help keep the skin healthy and allow it to heal better.

Combining Your Facelift with a Neck Lift

If you only treat the face—and not the neck—the potential result is a face that is dramatically different from the rest of the body and an obvious sign that you have had work done. To ensure a uniform, natural look, Dr. Deigni may recommend that you also undergo a neck lift procedure to combat the appearance of jowls by making a strong, masculine jawline. These two procedures can be done in the same session, which will save time, as well as prevent the need for a second recovery phase.

Reveal Your New Look with a Facelift for Men in Houston

With a long list of happy and satisfied patients in Houston, Texas, and beyond, Dr. Deigni is a master in facial plastic surgery and passionate about providing exceptional service. We provide a warm, inviting atmosphere so you are comfortable no matter what cosmetic changes you are undergoing.

We understand the male perspective and provide facelifts for men in Houston, among other procedures. Our team believes in making subtle, natural-looking enhancements that emphasize your physique. Call 281-721-4373 to learn more about your options and set up a private consultation.

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