Nicole Beverly

Firstly I have been considering/researching abdominoplasty for over 15 years. I’ve spent all of my late teen and adult life hiding my stomach. The only exception of when I felt happy about my belly was when I was pregnant. After that I always tried to love my stomach as it was and accept it. Then finally I realized it would never happen and I needed help. After discovering the drainless tummy tuck I was immediately drawn to Dr. Deigni. After reading one review and his background I already knew he was the doctor for me. He was the only doctor I consulted with. He is so gifted and kind. He really understood what I wanted and how to get that result for my specific body. I am only one month post op and my incision is so low and thin. My belly button was a total innie and I never actually saw it. He did an amazing job with bringing it up and out. I only had a tummy tuck without lipo and was nervous about the outcome and Dr. Deigni explained to me exactly what to expect and I’m so happy with my recovery and results. He is truly a caring person and you just know that he isn’t in this business just for the money like so many others are. He finds joy in helping people see themselves on the outside as they do on the inside. Do not hesitate in booking any procedure with Dr. Deigni you will not regret it.

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