Esthela Pineda

I had such a wonderful experience at Deigni plastic surgery! I went in for a consultation with doctor Deigni for breast augmentation. He made me feel very safe and confident that I was making the right decision. He gives you his honest opinion and helps you decide which implants best fit your body. Please listen to him when he says go bigger he is telling you this for a reason! Also, he is very welcoming and so so kind from the beginning until this date. I then left his office very content and with a surgery date on my calendar! His assistant Rickylynn was very informative about the procedure and took care of me throughout the entire process. She even texted me after work hours to make sure I was all set for my surgery. This was a surgery I long dream for and doctor Deigni did not disappoint. I had no complications thank god but most importantly ladies you have to trust your surgeon. For me as I said I felt safe and it just felt right. After I woke up from my surgery doctor Deigni came by to check up on me. He then called me that evening to see how I was doing and also the following day. I really appreciated that because you do have questions. Doctor Deigni is really passionate about his career and cares about his patients. I believe within a week or so while he was out of the country on vacation he texted me to remind me to remove my bandages. He also, answered some questions for me while on vacation. Anytime I would text him he would always provide me with a prompt response. Lastly, I am in love with my results!! This surgery has really boosted my confidence and changed my life. I had such an amazing transformation!! I am a mommy of two so this surgery was definitely a mommy makeover. I went from literally no breast to such beautiful high profile breast. If I was to do it all over again no doubt I would absolutely go with doctor Deigni. I wanted to share my entire experience from beginning to end so that if you are indecisive you don’t think twice and choose Dr. Deigni as your surgeon. You will not regret it! I recommend him to all my friends and family.

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