Dawn Gottschalk

I had a drainless tummy tuck and breast lift done 4 days ago. I cannot begin to describe what a great experience this has been. From the first consultation through the surgery and the first follow up, Dr. Deigni and his team have been amazing. They are truly invested in patient care and incredible results.

As for the surgery itself, I was cautioned by friends and family who have had tummy tucks that I would experience pain and be unable to stand up straight. That was not the case at all! In describing the pain level – it feels like I started a new routine at the gym. Sore, but not debilitating by any means. I was up and around walking (standing straight upright) the same day. Four days out, I’m looking fantastic and feeling great.

My belly did a great job holding two pregnancies, but I had my 1st child at 40, and my skin just never bounced back. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. When I finally decided to do this procedure, I met with a different plastic surgeon. I even tentatively penciled in a surgery date. But that doctor didn’t take the time to get to know me, to answer my questions, or even to palpitate old scar tissue on my abdomen. He asked my age – and whether I smoked. Then he said he would take me as a patient and walked out, leaving me with his assistant.

Thank goodness a friend recommended I meet Dr. Deigni before I scheduled the surgery with the first doctor. I’m so glad I did. His team has taken such good care of me – every question, every detail. They are on top of it.

Dr. Deigni himself is unassuming, very personable and down to earth. He made me feel comfortable, even as he examined the parts of my body that I couldn’t stand to look at. That’s saying something. And his skill as a surgeon? I’m 💯 convinced that his precision and attention to detail stems from the fact that prior to becoming a board certified plastic surgeon, he was an aerospace engineer. The guy is precise, efficient, and detail oriented. He gave me exactly the results I had hoped for.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Really. Even if you’re planning on going somewhere else, do yourself a favor and meet this team before you schedule your surgery. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me. He is the absolute best!

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