Angela Holmes

I’m 8 weeks 3 days post opp and I feel and look amazing! I’m so happy I found Dr. Deingni. I was so discouraged with two other appointments with 2 different Locations. The first place is advertised on TV. As soon as I sat down, I knew that wasn’t for me as I was told I would not meet the surgeon until right before going into the procedure rooms. That was crazy, why would I put my life in the hands of someone I never met for an elective procedure. The second office basically told me I would need to lose 30 lbs first. He seemed to be new at this because my weight was 172lbs. If I lost 30 lbs why would I need Lipo.
I was not trying to be skinny, just to look and feel better in my same clothes.

Directly after that appointment I drove around the corner to Dr. Deinigni office, feeling discouraged and almost ready to just drive home and forget it. Once I entered the Beautiful office and was greated by Rickylyn with hello Beautiful. That made me smile.

When DR. Deingni walked in to meet me, he was so nice and I must add “cute” and He was very professional. He examined the areas of my concern. I asked him to be honest as my feeling could not be hurt anymore. He said absolutely, he could help me. He explained how it would be done and what to expect. He never pushed or rushed me during the appointment. He continued to answer all of my questions. At this point I knew I found my surgeon but how much?
The first place quoted 12k the second 10k after 30lbs weight loss. I won’t disclose my fee as everyone is different but, Im snatched!

Before I left the office I had a quote that I was happy with. I made a deposit and scheduled a surgery date. Rickylyn made me feel like I was speaking to a girlfriend. She shared before and after pictures with me and gave me a little gift bag of goodies before I left.
My lipo 360 procedure was scheduled 3 weeks out. Rickylyn contacted me a week prior to give me instructions.
Procedure was 7am for 2hrs. I was home by 12:30. Slept until 6 and then later I got a call from DR. Deingni himself to check on me.
I was doing great. He told me to call if I had any concerns or issues.
I have nothing but great things to say but I need to wrap it up. About a week later Rickylyn called to schedule my massage appointment with another amazing person Andrea, she is amazing. The first few massages are painful but she did her best to comfort me. I love our sessions. The entire team is amazing . I’m so glad I chose Dr. Deigni as my surgeon. No need to travel out of state. This is your life and body. Deingni Plastic Surgery will not disappoint you. Consultations are free. I promise you will look and feel amazing Like I do.

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