At some point, we start to be dissatisfied with how our face looks. Men and women alike may consider facial plastic surgery if they struggle with sagging skin, excessive wrinkles, or small fatty deposits resistant to diet.

Facial plastic surgery in Sugar Land may be the best way to address those concerns and bring out your natural beauty. Dr. Olivier Deigni, our board-certified plastic surgeon, will work with you to identify the best way to accentuate and revitalize your facial features.

How We Personalize Your Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Your results will be different from someone else who gets the exact same procedure. The differences depend not only on the type of surgery performed, but also on the underlying physical structures, thickness of the skin, and how your recovery progresses.

Your cosmetic concerns and medical history are part of the initial consultation with Dr. Deigni. This discussion helps him determine the right procedure to achieve your aesthetic goals. We offer numerous facial plastic surgeries for patients in Sugar Land, including the following.


This is the scientific name for a nose job. During the surgery, Dr. Deigni may shorten, reshape, or widen the nose to meet your desired appearance. While insurance companies do not usually pay for cosmetic surgery, some insurance companies may help pay for a septoplasty that is needed to improve breathing.

Cheek or Chin Augmentation

Some patients choose a chin or cheek augmentation to achieve a more defined facial silhouette. For example, a cheek augmentation seeks to add volume to the cheeks or lift them up using implants. You may also get temporary fillers initially to determine if you would like the more permanent surgical implants. A chin augmentation, meanwhile, helps improve the appearance of people with underdeveloped chins so it accentuates the face.

Ear Pinning

An ear pinning procedure is also called otoplasty and helps bring protruding ears closer to the side of the face. The necessary correction is determined by the angle of the ears and the face to achieve natural symmetry.

Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

The buccal fat pad is located between your cheekbone and jaw, and helps determine the shape of your face. Everyone has these buccal fat pads but some have more than others and may retain more of it as they age. During the surgery, Dr. Deigni removes enough fat to highlight the bone structure in the face and create a more defined cheek area. People who already have a narrow face will not be good candidates for this.

Targeted Facial Lifts

Among the most popular facial plastic surgeries in Sugar Land are the specific lifts that can tighten up a portion of the face to prevent skin sag and wrinkles. We offer full facelifts but some patients may choose a more targeted area of the face to have lifted instead, such as the neck, brow, forehead, or eyelid. You can even combine these lifts together so you only have one operation and recovery period instead of multiple.

How Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery Last?

Although a facial surgery procedure is permanent, the skin may continue to droop with age at a certain point. Most people can expect a facelift to last at least 10 years before they see signs of aging again. For many, this is well worth it.

The length of your results also depends on the surgery, your age at the time of the operation, and your lifestyle choices. For example, smoking negatively affects the production of collagen, which provides a firm foundation for your skin and tissues. Without adequate collagen, the skin begins to sag.

How Does Aging Affect Facial Surgery?

While facial plastic surgery in Sugar Land can restore a more youthful appearance, it cannot fully halt the aging process. Experience has also shown that the younger a person is when they have cosmetic facial plastic surgery, the longer they can enjoy the results.

This longer outcome may be partly due to younger people having fewer signs of aging to begin with, and proactively addressing those can extend the results. However, everyone can enjoy long-lasting benefits if they continue to implement a quality diet and routine exercise.

Consult With Dr. Deigni About Facial Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land

Your face is your first impression and you deserve to go into the world without insecurities about how you look. Facial plastic surgery in Sugar Land can help tighten up or smooth over your skin concerns so you can make your best first impression. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 281-721-4373 and learn more about your options at Deigni Plastic Surgery.

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