Genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, and exercise all influence your body contours, including your buttocks’ size, shape, and volume. For those who want rounder, more prominent buttocks and hips, some people may find exercise and diet to be successful on their own. However, these methods do not always work for everyone and take considerable time and effort, so many people turn instead to a Brazilian butt lift in Cypress.

This body sculpting operation ensures natural-looking results due to the use of natural body fat extracted from other areas, providing additional contour enhancements. However, not every individual is suitable for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) due to a few specific physical characteristics. Therefore, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Olivier Deigni to discuss your ideal buttocks enhancements and whether you are eligible to undergo the procedure.

What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Like a breast augmentation procedure that uses fat transfers, BBL operations in Cypress employ the same technique to enhance the buttocks. First, the extra fat that is liposuctioned from a patient’s hips, abdomen, or thighs undergoes harvesting and purification before being transformed into injections. Next, Dr. Deigni distributes the fat injections strategically across the buttocks to reshape them and increase their overall size. There is no implant inserted.

Though enhancements are immediately apparent after the surgery, patients may notice that a minor amount of reinjected fat in the buttocks dissolves as the body typically reabsorbs a small portion. Thus, the results of a butt lift often finalize after three to four weeks of recovery but could take several months for some individuals.

The procedure requires an adequate amount of excess body fat for transferring, including additional amounts of fat due to the body’s minimal reabsorption of the injections. Therefore, thinner patients may not be suitable candidates for a BBL. If this applies to you, it may be wise to consult with Dr. Deigni about your options and whether you could be a candidate down the road if you have more body fat.

Physical and Psychological Benefits of a BBL

The apparent benefits of undergoing a butt lift surgery are the more prominent buttocks and hips that give you a shapelier figure. In addition, many patients see visible slimming effects on the areas where excess fat was taken, enhancing their figure even further. For these reasons, the operation is a popular surgery choice for individuals who have just experienced significant weight loss or pregnancy, as the procedure could rebalance your proportions.

However, beyond the physical benefits, patients of the Brazilian butt lift in Cypress have often experienced considerable psychological improvements, with more confidence in their appearance. Further, the surgery could reduce difficulties with certain clothing items that you might otherwise have avoided, although you should refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothing for some time afterward to prevent blood flow restrictions.

Reach Out for More Details on the Brazilian Butt Lift in Cypress

Though you may try to increase your buttocks’ size and enhance their shape with diet and exercise, you may not see visible results despite your best efforts. In that case, you should consider the physical enhancements and long-term physiological benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Cypress. Since the operation uses your natural body fat, you could enjoy noteworthy results while still looking and feeling natural.

However, since the surgery depends on the amount of excess body fat you have for transfers, meeting with a skilled plastic surgeon to discuss treatment is the first step. Call us at 281-721-4373 and set up a time for a private consultation at Deigni Plastic Surgery to discuss the procedure, recovery process, and your personal goals.

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