Body contouring surgery has empowered our patients to live their best lives – and you can be next! Our clinic is a top destination for those looking to sculpt their body and we offer some of the most sought-after plastic surgery treatments that can snip and tuck away unwanted skin and fat to reveal the more attractive contours underneath.

For expert body contouring in Clear Lake from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni, connect with us today.

Why Should I Get Body Contouring Surgery?

At our surgical facility, we believe in providing safe, effective, and high-quality body contouring procedures in a friendly, caring environment. Body contouring surgery is ideal for healthy adult patients who wish to improve the shape of their body, who are close to their goal weight but wish to chisel their definition, or who want to rewind the clock and appear more youthful.

For patients who are not eligible for surgical body contouring, we also offer non-surgical treatment options at our med spa to suit a variety of needs. Schedule your consultation today, discover all your options for body contouring surgery in Clear Lake and League City, and begin your transformational journey.


When diet and exercise are not enough to achieve your best body, Dr. Deigni can help. Liposuction can help you shed those final pounds, reveal the underlying muscular definition hiding behind your stubborn fat, and help you love your body all over again. We offer liposuction for the stomach, arms, legs, and glutes.

Tummy Tuck

We can help you shed those final pounds for once and for all. Dr. Deigni offers the new and improved drainless tummy tuck, which can help permanently remove stubborn, unwanted fat in the abdominal area and help you achieve a slimmer, toned, and more contoured belly. The drainless tummy tuck has the advantages of a swifter, smoother recovery, and less time at the surgical facility over a traditional one.

Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is one of our most popular body contouring surgeries in Clear Lake because it is entirely personalized to your situation. Pick and choose from a variety of our procedures to create the perfect post-partum makeover, including dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, breast enhancement, tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, fat transfer, and more! Your options are endless, and we can help you design your perfect procedure with your desires and budget in mind.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Discover how a Brazilian Butt Lift could give you a perfectly lifted, round, and perky bottom. With this specialty procedure, you can achieve rounded, contoured, and shapely buttocks that complement the rest of your body. This procedure can also correct superficial skin imperfections such as hip dips, dimples, and cellulite while giving you a smoother shape you can enjoy for years.

Abdominal Etching

Chiseled, defined abs without the hard work at the gym? Yes, you can achieve your six-pack with abdominal etching – no gym required. Abdominal etching is a specialty liposuction procedure for patients who are already at their goal weight but still have stubborn fat deposits in their midsection. Abdominal etching can reveal incredible definition and tone in the abdominal area, helping you look your best and most attractive.

Body, Arm, and Thigh Lifts

We offer 360-degree body lifts for patients who wish to improve every aspect of their body from head to toe. Our lifts can tighten skin, remove excess tissue, show muscular definition, and contour your curves. Discover how our lifts and other body contouring surgeries in Clear Lake can help you take your physique to the next level.

Transform Yourself With Body Contouring Surgery in Clear Lake

At Deigni Plastic Surgery, body contouring surgery in Clear Lake and League City has dramatically improved quality of life and self-esteem for our patients. Not sure exactly what you are looking for? During an initial consultation, our elite team can design the ideal surgical strategy to fulfill your needs and budget. Schedule your appointment today by calling 281-721-4373.

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