The face is the most important part of your body. It is the area that other people see the most of, and when there is an irregularity that causes us to be self-conscious, it can have an effect on our social lives. Whether you wish to rewind the clock or simply boost your confidence and attractiveness, Deigni Plastic Surgery is here to provide facial plastic surgery in Cypress.

Dr. Olivier Deigni is a highly respected and Board-certified plastic surgeon who will sit down with you to discuss what has been troubling you and how to address it.


A perfect nose can truly enhance the balance and harmony of your face. Also known as the nose job, the rhinoplasty is one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeries in Cypress. Dr. Deigni uses a natural approach to this popular procedure. By making small, minor adjustments that enhance your natural beauty while balancing your natural features, he can help you become the best version of yourself.

Cheek Augmentation and Reduction

These procedures are designed to help you enhance your facial structure by adjusting your cheeks. If you are hoping to make your face look sharper and angular, a buccal fat pad reduction would be ideal for you because it emphasizes the hollows in your face. A cheek augmentation, on the other hand, enhances your face by adding fullness, roundness, and volume. This procedure is perfect if you are looking to reduce the severity and gauntness of your face by making it look softer and more feminine.

Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation has helped many of our patients achieve a sharp, defined, and angular jawline. This procedure could be very beneficial if you feel that you have a soft chin, an undefined chin, or a double chin. A chin augmentation, also known as a genioplasty, enhances the definition of the jawline by contouring and re-sculpting the chin bone. This tends to be popular with our male patients.

Ear Pinning

Ear Pinning is commonly requested by our clients who have ears that protrude out from the head in unflattering ways. This procedure can help you normalize the appearance of your ears while restoring balance to your face and features. Many of our clients report a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem following this facial plastic surgery in Cypress.

Facelift and Other Lifts

Sometimes when we lose weight or volume in the face, the skin begins to sag in certain areas. Dr. Deigni can get to work on your makeover by reducing the harsh effects of saggy skin, wrinkles, folds, fine lines, and drooping tissues, which cause jowls.

The brow lift and forehead lift are a mini-version of the full facelift. Both of these procedures smoothen the forehead, trimming away skin tissue and raising the eyebrows to a more youthful position. An eyelid lift, meanwhile, ensures that any sagging, drooping skin over the eyes is carefully and precisely removed.

The traditional facelift is an all-in-one treatment that smoothens, lifts, and firms the entire face. We can often combine it with a neck lift to tighten and firm up the skin on the neck that leads to jowls or neck banding.

Discover the Deigni Difference with Facial Plastic Surgery in Cypress

Getting surgical work done on your face does not have to be a vanity project. Facial plastic surgery in Cypress can be incredibly transformative for our clients, giving them the power to experience success in their social, romantic, and professional lives by adjusting the aspects of their look that might be distracting. We have helped countless patients fall in love with their appearance, giving them the confidence to face the world as they truly are. There are plenty of ways to rejuvenate your face, so reach out to us at 281-721-4373 and set up an initial consultation.

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