RickiLynn Gardner

Dr. Deigni transforms lives! Restoring a woman or man’s confidence is one of the most powerful and rewarding aspects of working with Dr. Deigni. Seeing patients come in after their surgery with smiles from ear to ear, hugs, and hearing them say Thank you 😊, makes me have so much pride in being able to say I am a part of the Deigni Plastic Surgery team.

One of the most powerful testimonials I have heard this last week was that a patient said ” I never thought my husband would be more excited about my results then I am, it has restored our sex drive, desire, and we are like newlyweds again after 27 yrs of marriage” I love that testimony!!

I see his skills, passion, and truly caring about his patients daily. Amazing surgeon and as I say ” you will wake up flat and perky!” #snatched #scrumptcious

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