Your face is one of the first parts of your body to show your age as you get older. Sun exposure, pollution, and gravity cause daily damage that can take away your youthful appearance. As you age, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin as the production of those important proteins decreases. These changes cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

Both men and women can feel young, but when they look in the mirror, they realize other people see them as old because of how their faces are aging. At Deigni Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Deigni, we understand the effects of aging and how to combat them. A facelift in Sugar Land may be just what you need to help bring back your youthful face.

The Modern Facelift

Facelift surgery, also known as a rhytidectomy, is designed to decrease the natural signs of aging, such as loss of volume in your cheeks, sagging skin, and excess fat along your jawline. A modern facelift avoids excessive tightening and other drastic changes to give you a soft, natural improvement.

Generally, a facelift in Sugar Land addresses the changes you see in your midface, the area from your eyelids down to the bottom of your nose. Sagging eyelids and under eye bags trouble many people. Hollowed cheeks can also develop as you lose much of the fullness as fat shrinks.

The Facelift Surgery Process

Most facelift surgeries are done under general anesthesia. However, when the amount of work is minimal, local anesthesia may be used. Patients usually return home the same day. Incisions are well hidden along the hairline, behind the ears, and in natural skin creases, and they are closed with very fine sutures.

Recovery time after your facelift will depend on the amount of work done. Fewer changes mean a quicker recovery. Generally, you will want about two weeks off work.

As with any other surgery, there are some risks. You might have an adverse reaction to anesthesia, develop an infection, or have excess bleeding. Other risks specific to the facelift surgery are nerve injury, uneven asymmetrical results, unfavorable scarring, or skin discoloration. You will likely have some bruising and swelling immediately after surgery, but this should improve quickly.

It can take four to six weeks before you see the final outcome of your facelift, but the results of your facelift in Sugar Land will remain for many years. Though nothing can stop aging entirely, good skin care, avoiding sun exposure, and maintaining your weight through a healthy lifestyle will help your facelift last the longest time possible.

Talk With a Plastic Surgeon About a Facelift in Sugar Land

During your consultation, you and Dr. Deigni can discuss what you would like to achieve with your facelift in Sugar Land and create a personalized surgical plan. Dr. Deigni can also suggest other procedures to address changes, such as a brow lift to improve your forehead or a neck lift to eliminate your double chin. Specific procedures around your eyes may be needed, such as eyelid surgery. Correcting drooping upper eyelids could even help improve your field of vision.

When you feel self-conscious about facial lines, wrinkles, and sagging that have come with age, make an appointment online or by phone at 281-721-4373 to see Dr. Deigni. A facelift in Sugar Land can bring back your younger face so you look as energetic as you feel.

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